DIY Gutter Guard – A DIY Alternative to Professional Cleaning

The price you pay for a DIY gutter guard made of plastic, aluminum, or stainless steel is pretty much the same each time you buy one. The initial cost with no guarantee to last is without a doubt a useless investment. However, what if you were told it’s possible to buy a DIY gutter guard made of materials that are both sturdy and extremely durable? It’s not a far stretch to imagine a product made entirely of those materials, as the gutter systems used by city dwellers do indeed use those materials. A quick internet search will locate companies manufacturing such products.


By no means is a DIY gutter guard made of material that is so expensive that it should be bought by a second-rate homeowner. There are companies that make gutters that are in this class, but the price is certainly not cheap. For example, the average vinyl type guard runs into the thousands, while other more expensive models may require multiple purchases. Yet there are some gutters that can be made to look like they belong to the rich and famous-Gothic decorative models that mimic those of the French abbey architecture. Of course, the styles are varied and there is no reason anyone should have to settle for something less than high quality.


With a dry gutter guard of this type, you can save money on cleaning, especially when compared to the alternative. Each time you climb that ladder, you have to make sure the ladder is perfectly level and free of leaves, twigs, rocks, and other debris that might fall off. Otherwise you may injure yourself from the sides. Every year it’s necessary to purchase a new ladder to replace the one that got damaged, which can get quite expensive.


A DIY gutter guard can come with a mesh cover that is securely fastened over the top of your gutters. This covers them from falling debris, such as leaves and twigs, as well as prevents rainwater from entering. This means less work, which saves you time and energy. Depending on the design, you can choose the mesh that fits best into your home. However, it’s always a good idea to double check, so you can ensure the mesh will fit perfectly and won’t move once the weight starts to distribute through it.


Many people prefer a professional installation, which is why many home improvement stores carry these products. However, if installing your own ladder doesn’t sound like an easy project for you, then you can always call a professional gutter cleaning service or contractor to install it for you. They can also assist you in choosing the right design for your home. If you choose to purchase a dry gutter guard, then you can still use a professional service or contractor to help you in the installation process.