Why Does Marquee Hire Make Sense?

Marquee hire is certainly one of the best options for your big day. Marquees are beautifully designed to maximize the surrounding environment whilst providing protection from the weather and shade from the sun. The most common use of ModernPartyHire marquee hire Adelaide would be weddings. However, they are also being used all year round for almost any occasion outdoors, which requires an adequate cover. There are a variety of uses for marquees, and this post will outline some.


The first place we will look at is weddings. Many people envision weddings as a spectacular event, full of vows, flowers, music, and a colourful dress. However, there is another purpose to wedding marquees: to offer cover from the sun. If you are having a beach wedding, you will need to shield your guests from the beach’s bright but harsh rays. A wedding marquee can easily provide cover for this.

Corporate affairs are very popular now and are just like weddings in that they require cover from the weather. One of the problems with many corporate affairs is that the sun can shine in at any time. It includes the time when the hired marquee is not being used. Having a marquee hire company on standby to provide cover from the weather is just one way to save on expenses.

Similarly, for outdoor summer weddings, a marquee hire company can help out tremendously. Many weddings take place outdoors, and when it starts to get dark, the temperatures start to increase. These heaters do not come cheap, and if you have some guests who may end up getting a bit sweaty, the cost of hiring a heater can start to add up. Marquees offer some form of shade, which will help protect your guests. Sometimes these heaters are not covered so in case of bad weather you will need to put up tents or shelter over your heads. Again, these tents may not be cheap, and if some of your wedding guests do not want to sleep under the stars, you will have to cover them with some tarp to protect them.

Weather conditions are always unpredictable. The weather can become very hot in the summer months, but if the wind blows from the south, it can still be quite cold. On the other hand, on a very cold December or January, the temperature can drop to very low levels. It means that the Marquee Company will need to provide extra marquees for weddings in these colder months. That is why it is important to contact them using the contact form below.

Event hire companies that provide a ModernPartyHire marquee hire Adelaide usually supply tents that are UV protected. They should also provide tents with double panes of glass as well as a locking system. Please get in touch using the contact form below to ensure that all aspects of your order are fulfilled. We promise you that you will not be disappointed.

If you are looking for a good venue for your wedding, then consider using marquee hire. You will be able to get a nice location for the reception and the ceremony and the wedding photographs. Please contact one of the accredited event furniture hire companies today to make your dreams come true. We wish you every success in your search for the best venue.